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About Regal Relics

“For as long as I can remember, there was a majestic robe in my parents’ closet that caught my eye.  It was a flaming coppery/orange satin fabric robe with large black polka-dots, fully lined in black satin with shoulder pads.  The collar, cuffs and belt were padded to highlight the grandeur of this stately and sophisticated robe.  Then, I found out it belonged to my grandfather.  So, from that moment, I loved the robe even more.  I knew it was a family heirloom.  Fifty years later, I decided I wanted to keep this memory alive and replicate my grandfather’s robe.  I headed for New York City’s Garment District in search of unique and exquisite fabric and the rest is history.”
Original Robe, over 100 yrs. old

Terri Norris Wood was selected to showcase her Lyndale Monroe line of Luxury Robes at Baltimore Fashion Week 2012.  As the finale designer on August 19, 2012, Terri debuted her 26 Smoking Jacket/Robe designs to the public for the first time. She received a standing ovation. 
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